PHP vs Node.js madness

PHP vs Node.js madness

I have used both PHP and Node.js, and found that almost all web developers using Node.js say that Node.js / server side JavaScript stuff is the best. Well, to cut it short: Node.js is better than PHP if you use it in projects where Node.js is better option than PHP.

Believing that Node.js / servers side JavaScript is the best option for all projects is like believing in Santa Claus. Actually, it is the same like believing that MongoDB database is the best for all possible projects. MongoDB can be useful only for some specific tasks, otherwise relational databases are much better.

Definitely Node.js/MongoDB etc, is a good thing for highly interactive online applications, like online games, where speed is really important, or where you require real time communication between client and server or where built-in asynchronous processing of Node.js is essential.

Obviously, you can build almost everything with Node.js / MongoDB combo, but – depending on a project – you can find, that sometimes it can produce more problems than solutions.

In my opinion still combos like PHP and JavaScript front end libraries make more sense and can significantly reduce cost of – probably – most online projects.

Also, one thing is to compare PHP as such with Node.js, but totally different if you compare PHP MVC framework like Laravel with Node.js.

Will Node.js and JavaScript replace all other languages used for web development? No.