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I would like to remove my account, what should I do?
If you like to remove your account (and all course(s) data associated with it, please contact us via the contact form.
Does the access mean automatic renewal?
No. This is not a subscription, which is automatically renewed. By purchase of a paid course, you get to the paid features of the course for given amount of time. However, the access will not be renewed automatically. You need to purchase it again.
How could I pay for an online course on this website?
After you choose anĀ online course at the check-out page you will see enabled PayPal. If you select PayPal you will be redirected to PayPal page, where you can use your PayPal account, or credit/debit card to complete payment.
Do you store my credit/debit cards details?
No. Due to security reasons, the numbers of your credit or debit cards are managed and stored by PayPal.